Advance your potential

Have you ever walked through a model home, hotel lobby, or any other space that you know has been designed and staged professionally and thought to yourself “I can do better than this”. If so, then a career in interior design may be right up your alley. Preparing for such a career, however, takes more than just having a keen eye for maximizing a space’s potential.

Head Off to College

First off, professional interior designers typically need to have a bachelor’s degree. What type of curriculum is studied in an interior design program? Expect a heavy dose of courses in architecture, drafting, and structural engineering, as well as computer literacy programs to help prepare you for software programs you’ll use. And, of course, be prepared to study art history, design trends, as well as material and color composition.

Seek an Internship

As you near the end of your schooling, an internship may be your best chance at getting your foot in the door of the interior design industry. You’ll have the chance to learn from seasoned professionals, watching them use modern design techniques including design kitchen online programs to create visual aids for clients. Working in such an environment will also help you become familiar with local building codes and ordinances.

Create a Portfolio

Finally, the last step in becoming an interior designer to be reckoned with is developing your own portfolio. As you approach potential clients (or vice-versa), you need to be able to show them examples of your previous work so they can develop an idea of your unique design style. Be on the lookout, then, for a professional photographer that you can partner with to record all of your work and display it in a way that’s captivating.

Enjoy a Rewarding Career

You might not have expected the road to becoming an interior designer to be so labor intensive. Yet if you’re willing to put in the work, the rewards that can come from such a career are virtually limitless. Not only will you place your signature on countless homes, offices, and hospitality centers, but you’ll inspire the next generation of design professionals when they see the results of your masterful techniques.